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Annual Winter Sound Immersion and Yoga Retreat at Doe Bay!

with Joel Benjamin

Thursday, February 12th to Sunday, February 15th

Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island, Washington


“The human voice is the organ of the soul.”

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Chanting, toning, singing, and music have formed the very basis of all religious and spiritual practices throughout time. From the black and white world view of the conservative fundamentalist to the all embracing ecstasy of the hedonistic pagan and every soul seeker in between, all use sound to connect to their god.

Yoga, which can be traced back as the foundation for all spiritual practices, is essentially a practice rooted in the technology of sound. Looking back at the ancient texts, yoga is not described in terms of postures or breathing techniques or even meditation, but as a practice of mantra and sound.

This deep rooted relationship between sound and consciousness is the basis for all forms of yoga. All authentic yoga practices begin and end with sound: Namaste, Om, Shanti Shanti. Indeed it is through sound that the transformation of consciousness occurs, which remember, is the very purpose of yoga.

So join us for an immersion into the Yoga of Sound, sonic yogis! Over the course of four days we will chant, tone, move, breath, eat great food, and chant some more, as we explore how to better harmonize with ourselves, each other, and the planet and universe we call home. This special retreat will raise your personal vibration and reverberate in the mind and body long after our time together at beautiful Doe Bay.

Retreat Fee: $225 per participant before December, 1st, $250 after.

For this special event Doe Bay is offering four nights of accommodations for the price of three (the retreat price does not include the cost of lodging).

 To register contact Joel Benjamin:

Two Classes with Jamie Elmer


Saturday, December 6th

True Core: 12:30-2:30pm, $35 pre-registered, $40 at door.

Learn to Breath: 3-5pm, $35 pre-registered, $40 at door.

Take $10 off if registering for both.

True Core


There’s more to a strong, healthy core than six pack abs!

This strengthening practice will help you tone muscle, stabilize the
spine and learn to breathe for better posture.

This two hour public workshop looks at the specific muscle groups of our body’s core and how they work together. True Core incorporates abdominal and spine strengthening exercises, breathing practices and hands on learning to help you create a more toned, strong and healthy core.

Learn to Breath


24 hours a day we breathe in, we breathe out. Most people don’t think about HOW they breathe or the benefits of conscious breathing. In this introduction to breath workshop, Jamie will teach you how to breathe in order to:

Reduce stress, Calm your nervous system, Relieve pain and improve the health of your spine, Improve lung health, Strengthen your heart, Lower blood pressure and Improve circulation.

This workshop is appropriate for new students, seasoned practitioners and people of all abilities.

Both of Jamie’s workshops can be used for Continued Education credits for Yoga Alliance registered teachers.

To register contact Joel Benjamin:

Yoga Sound Bath

With Megan Carroll and Daniella White

 First Wednesday of each month (except 2/11). 7:15-8:45pm

Exchange: Single class with pre-registration: $30

Drop in day of: $35
Three class bundle: $85
All Seven: $ 200

Join yoga therapist Megan Carroll and sound healer Daniella White on a cosmic journey through inner space. To facilitate this experience, Megan will lead you through an all-levels yoga practice accompanied by Daniella’s crystal bowl playing.

Each class in this series will be an opportunity to align yourself with a certain planetary energy, and in doing so allow for more healing and harmony in your body, mind and spirit.

These workshops will assist you in letting go of energies, mental states and patterns that are no longer serving you, and clarify your alignment with the basic energetic forces of the Universe.

Take a class individually, or sign up for all seven for the complete experience:

The Sun: 10/1 Aligning with and healing the yang, masculine force. (This class is a fundraiser to help cover medical expenses for Megan!)

The Moon: 11/5 Aligning with and healing the yin, feminine force

Mercury: 12/3 Embracing our capacity for fluid communication

Mars: 1/7 Discovering, honoring and healing the warrior within

Venus: 2/11Walking the beauty way

Jupiter: 3/4 Remembering our infinitude and embracing expansiveness

Saturn: 4/1 Transforming our greatest challenge into our greatest blessing

 To register contact Joel Benjamin:

Two Workshops with Jonna Bracken Duvernoy

Offered on Sunday, November 16th and Sunday, January 18th.

FREEDOM IN FORWARD FOLDS, Offered on Sunday, November 16th. 12:30-2:30pm. $25- pre-registered, $30- at door.

Extending the spine and back body: These postures can be extremely relaxing and introspective or totally frustrating, uncomfortable or even claustrophobic.  We will pay close attention to the correct alignment for extension in forward bends and explore the relationship between the hamstrings, the sacrum and the spine.

BATHING THE BRAIN, Offered on Sunday, January 18th. 12:30-2:30pm. $25- pre-registered, $30- at door.

Integrity in Inversions: Inversions give the heart a “break” while supporting the cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous and endocrine systems.  We will learn to cultivate an honest inversion practice that is safe and stable.  We will explore full arm balance, shoulderstand, headstand, and forearm balance.

For more info or to sign up, please contact Joel Benjamin at, or Jonna Bracken Duvernoy at


Monthly Vijnana Practice with Kathryn Payne

Offered Thursday, November 20th, and Thursday, December 18th.


$20 with 5 days advance registration, $25 thereafter.

Vijnana yoga is a practice of traditional yoga postures in sequences that are well defined, allowing the student to creatively explore the use of vital principles and the intrinsic intelligence of the body.  Without an overuse of anatomical terms, students have a focus of “listening from the inside” in an elegant, yet precise approach to the asana.

To register contact Kathryn Payne at

Sound Bath Experience

with Daniella White at Yogasmith

Offered on the third Sunday of every month

7:30 – 8:30 pm

Exchange for Sound Bath: $20

A sound bath is an improvised concert played with the intent of releasing energy that is no longer serving you, and shifting to a more positive and relaxed state of being. Participants usually lie in a comfortable position on the floor (in savasana). Daniella plays the crystal bowls and a Paiste plantary gong, adding vocal toning as well. During the savasana you will be bathed in healing vibrations that will help you achieve deeper states of mediation. It is in these states of relaxation that healing can take place. The combination of sound and savasana will assist you in releasing any energies, thoughts, and patterns that are no longer serving you, and will help bring healing energy into your body and mind. You will leave feeling “re-tuned”, with a sense of restored balance in your mind, body and spirit.

Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring anything that you need to feel comfortable lying on the floor

To sign up or for more information please contact Joel Benjamin at

The Art of Self Massage

with Stephanie Levine

Offered on the final Sunday of every month

$25/early bird, $30/at the door

Whether we sit long hours at a computer, are training for a marathon, or care for small children: our bodies develop areas of tension. This everyday tension can restrict our movement and cause pain and discomfort.

In this class you will learn to release and ease these restrictions as well as supporting your body to recover from workouts. We’ll use a variety of tools including foam rollers, tennis balls, and golf balls–and of course our own hands. We will adapt principles from myofascial release, trigger point thereapy and deep tissue massage and discover self care stagetegies that are therapuetic and relaxing. You will also learn techniques to improve energy flow and increase body awareness. These classes can be taken individually to learn the basic concepts, or attend each month to gain a greater understanding of the variations and modalities for specific body areas.

If you have a 6” foam roller please bring it with you. If not there will be rollers available for your use and purchase at the class.

To register contact Stephanie at or email Joel Benjamin at

Monthly Restorative Yoga

With Alex Baker

First Sunday of every month
Exchange: $20 per person

Start your month off right! Join Alex the first Sunday of each month for a deeply nourishing Restorative Yoga practice.

Restorative Yoga is for those interested in slowing down and reducing both physical and mental stress and tension. While practicing Restorative Yoga you will utilize props to help support you in specific postures, minimizing strenuous activity and allowing you to gently open those tight areas in your body as you deepen your connection to your breath. Restorative Yoga allows you to balance your active practice and lifestyle, leaving you feeling very relaxed coupled with enhanced mental clarity.

These classes are appropriate for all levels of experience. After each class you will be purring like a kitten.

To register contact Joel Benjamin: