Workshops & Retreats

Yoga Sound Bath

with Daniella White and Joel Benjamin

Wednesday, July 8th


Exchange- $25

Enjoy a 45 minute gentle asana practice accompanied by the healing sounds of crystal bowls and planetary gongs. Then lie back for an extended savasana sound bath!

To register contact Joel Benjamin:

Monthly Vijnana Practice with Kathryn Payne

Next Class, July 9th.


$20 with 5 days advance registration, $25 thereafter.

Vijnana yoga is a practice of traditional yoga postures in sequences that are well defined, allowing the student to creatively explore the use of vital principles and the intrinsic intelligence of the body.  Without an overuse of anatomical terms, students have a focus of “listening from the inside” in an elegant, yet precise approach to the asana.

To register contact Kathryn Payne at

Magical Mayan Cacao- the gifts of pure chocolate!

with Liz Ophoven and Milena Worsham
Saturday, 7/18
Exchange is $65
Experience the magical properties of Sacred Cacao (unprocessed chocolate) harvested from the indigenous lands of the Mayans in Guatemala. The Mayan’s have watched over this land for centuries and hand pick the cacao beans to be used in ceremonies, enjoyed as an enhancing elixir for the soul. 
Join us for this journey as we invite the spirit of sacred cacao to partner with us as we delve deeply into our inner temple, open the power of intention and experience a sacred circling tool that you can utilize  to connect in a deeper more authentic way .This meditation tool will help each person bring their intentions, the inner work, and their personal creativity to a peak. 
Everyone who joins us will receive a 1/2 pound gift of Mayan Raw Cacao, instructions and recipes for making your own Magical Elixir! All meditations will be recorded and emailed to you as well. 
To register contact Joel Benjamin:

Chandra Cycles- A Seasonal Practice for Women with Alex Baker

Offered on a Sunday once every 3 months. The next gathering is in the Fall (date TBA).


Exchange is $25

Join us once a season and dive deeper into your yoga and meditation practice surrounded by the support and fellowship of other women on a similar path. Each practice includes 90 minutes of Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation, followed with snacks and time to connect with each other.

To register contact Joel Benjamin:

Sound Bath Experience

with Daniella White at Yogasmith

There will be no Sound Baths this Summer except for a Yoga Sound Bath with Daniella and Joel Benjamin on Wednesday, July 8th from 7:30-9pm.

Regular Sound Baths will resume in September.

Offered on the third Sunday of every month

7:30 – 8:30 pm

Exchange for Sound Bath: $20

A sound bath is an improvised concert played with the intent of releasing energy that is no longer serving you, and shifting to a more positive and relaxed state of being. Participants usually lie in a comfortable position on the floor (in savasana). Daniella plays the crystal bowls and a Paiste plantary gong, adding vocal toning as well. During the savasana you will be bathed in healing vibrations that will help you achieve deeper states of mediation. It is in these states of relaxation that healing can take place. The combination of sound and savasana will assist you in releasing any energies, thoughts, and patterns that are no longer serving you, and will help bring healing energy into your body and mind. You will leave feeling “re-tuned”, with a sense of restored balance in your mind, body and spirit.

Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring anything that you need to feel comfortable lying on the floor

To sign up or for more information please contact Joel Benjamin at

The Art of Self Massage

with Stephanie Levine

Offered on the final Sunday of every month

Next event: 6/28-CANCELLED FOR JUNE

$25/early bird, $30/at the door

Whether we sit long hours at a computer, are training for a marathon, or care for small children: our bodies develop areas of tension. This everyday tension can restrict our movement and cause pain and discomfort.

In this class you will learn to release and ease these restrictions as well as supporting your body to recover from workouts. We’ll use a variety of tools including foam rollers, tennis balls, and golf balls–and of course our own hands. We will adapt principles from myofascial release, trigger point thereapy and deep tissue massage and discover self care stagetegies that are therapuetic and relaxing. You will also learn techniques to improve energy flow and increase body awareness. These classes can be taken individually to learn the basic concepts, or attend each month to gain a greater understanding of the variations and modalities for specific body areas.

If you have a 6” foam roller please bring it with you. If not there will be rollers available for your use and purchase at the class.

To register contact Stephanie at or email Joel Benjamin at

Monthly Restorative Yoga

With Alex Baker

First Sunday of every month
Exchange: $20 per person

Next Event: Sunday, 7/5

Start your month off right! Join Alex the first Sunday of each month for a deeply nourishing Restorative Yoga practice.

Restorative Yoga is for those interested in slowing down and reducing both physical and mental stress and tension. While practicing Restorative Yoga you will utilize props to help support you in specific postures, minimizing strenuous activity and allowing you to gently open those tight areas in your body as you deepen your connection to your breath. Restorative Yoga allows you to balance your active practice and lifestyle, leaving you feeling very relaxed coupled with enhanced mental clarity.

These classes are appropriate for all levels of experience. After each class you will be purring like a kitten.

To register contact Joel Benjamin:

The Writer's Table- A monthly writer's salon

Offered on the First Friday of each month. No event on 7/3.


$10-15 suggested donation

The Writers’ Table and Georgetown’s Yogasmith community are collaborating to host monthly Writers’ Table Salons. These salons will take us out of the coffee shops and into Yogasmith’s beautiful studio for casual evenings of writing, reading (voluntarily & without critique), insightful conversation, and hang time.

The Writers’ Table Salons take place the 1st Friday of every month from 6:30-9pm. Dates for 2015:

Feb 6, March 6, April 3, May 1, June 5, July 3, Aug 7, Sept 4,

Oct 2, Nov 6, Dec 4

The Writers’ Table is an open and informal writing community in Seattle, WA. This is not a formally led or instructed group. We meet at various times in various coffee shops to write and talk writing.

Accountability and conversation is what The Writers’ Table is all about – an hour to be accountable to our writing and an hour to be in conversation with other writers. There is no common intention around the writing we’re working on and there is no guidance or instruction taking place, and yet we seem to have incredibly rich and insightful conversation. It’s all about what we each bring to the table. HA!

Thinking about writing, but not sure where to start? The paths are many and we have a pretty diverse crew. Show up and we’ll help you find your way!

Check out Writers’ Table dates, times, and locations at