Per Washington State’s Emergency Proclamation there will be no public classes until further notice. But we have moved online. The online schedule is below. take good care of yourselves and others.

Spring Schedule 

(This schedule may fluctuate. So please check back prior to class)

Tuesday at 6pm with Joel- All Levels Yoga

Thursdays at 6pm with Joel- All Levels Yoga

Saturday at 10am with Joel- All Levels Yoga

To access the online classes, download the Zoom app at

To receive our meeting ID and password, email:

Please log on 5 minutes prior to class start time and mute your microphone.

The recommended donation for class is $20. There is a link to Cash App or Venmo on our homepage.

Thank you!




When things get back to normal, below is our in studio schedule.

Door opens 15 minutes prior to class start time.

6pm with Willa- All Levels Yoga
7:15pm with Jonna- All Levels Yoga

6pm with Joel- All Levels Yoga

6pm with Steph Levine- Yin with a Twist!
7:15pm with Glenn- Meditation Class (NO CLASS ON 3/11)

6pm with Joel- All Levels Yoga
7:30pm with Joel- Men’s All Levels Yoga

7am-8:30am- Bright Eyes- Silent Meditation and Tea with Rachel Moriah-(NO CLASS on 3/20, 3/27, 4/24)
7pm- Cacao Ceremony (TBA)

9am with Joel- All Levels Yoga

10am with Joel- Men’s All Level Yoga

Upcoming Events!
Winter Yoga Retreat- Feb 13th-16th- Orcas Island, $300- SOLD OUT
For info on these special classes, please visit the “Workshop/Retreats” Page.

All classes (except for the Intro Series) are taught to All Levels of yoga practitioner.

*The Smith’s “Introduction to Yoga” series is designed for people with a strong desire to learn the art and science of yoga but who have never yet rolled out a mat. Through a series of classes you will learn the basics in a supportive, non-judgemental, and light-hearted environment. Next series TBA

**Interval Meditation is geared to those who want a regular meditation practice, but find sitting and following the breath for extended periods of time very challenging to the point of feeling pointless. Interval Meditation meets us where most of us are in the 21st century with minds trained to focus intensely for short bursts of time. Just like interval training for the body, Interval Meditation involves a short period of intense focus, followed by a brief rest, followed by another short period of intense focus, followed by a brief rest, et. I have found this kind of meditation actually works for most people who learn it and I am excited to be able to share it with our community at the Smith. Interval Meditation is going to be offered on Saturday mornings at 8am. This will be a very short class, about 35 minutes. For those signed up for the Fall series, this class will only be $5 per class for the first series. For everyone else Interval Meditation will be $10 per class. Next series TBA

Exchange for weekly classes range from $14-$20

The Smith is a yoga co-op. Membership is $100 per year and is optional. The money raised from membership supports the Smith’s cancer scholarship.
The benefits of being a co-op member are as follows:
Discounts on drop-in classes (member drop-in’s are $16, non-member drop-in’s are $20).
Discounts on series (member price per class breakdown is $14, non-member breakdown per class is $18).
When signed up for a series at the Smith everyone has the ability to make up missed classes. Members make-up’s carry over from one series to the next as long as you are signed up for a series. Non-members must make up missed classes during the course of the series in which they missed the class or classes.
Members can bring new guests to class at no cost (one free visit per new guest).